Apple Maps

We can’t help but think that when Apple designed the flatter Apple Maps icon back in iOS 7 they rushed it somewhat. The updated maps icon in iOS 11 is a subtle hint to Apple’s new circular headquarters, but we like it as it’s got a degree of simplicity about it with an overall more polished look. The overlapping location indicator circle and the nicer blue border on the road number are just more aesthetically pleasing.

iOS 10

ios7-Maps-icon ios 11-apple-maps-Icon

iOS 11

ios 11-apple-maps-Icon



Now you might be forgiven for taking a second glance at the updated reminders app icon. Not a lot has changed but it has lost a bullet and a line making the icon easier to recognise.

iOS 10

ios7-Reminders-icon ios 11-reminders-Icon

iOS 11

ios 11-reminders-Icon



The calculator app icon has long just been 4 buttons even before iOS 7’s radical re-design. However in iOS 11, Apple has brought the form factor of the calculator front and centre. We like it because it basically looks like the interface of the app itself.

iOS 10

ios7-Calculator-icon ios 11-calculator-Icon

iOS 11

ios 11-calculator-Icon



The camera app icon has always been a favourite of ours mainly because it communicates exactly what the app does. The newer slightly re-designed app icon in iOS 11 is nicer because it’s less detailed and flatter in appearance. It’s funny how losing those small line details have made for a subtle but nicer look.

iOS 10

ios7-Camera-icon ios 11-camera-Icon

iOS 11

ios 11-camera-Icon


App Store

This is a slightly controversial choice and many Apple fan boys (and girls) out there would probably disagree with us, but we like the new App Store Icon. Afterall who designs apps with pencils and paintbrushes anyway? The icons still resemble an ‘A’ character and its modular stick design fits with app building.

iOS 10

ios7-app-store-icon ios 11-app-store-Icon

iOS 11

ios 11-app-store-Icon



Here we have a new addition to our showcase of new App Icons in iOS 11. It’s another great example of an improved design since Apple’s app icons were last re-designed in iOS 7. They’ve scaled down the shadows, removed the ridiculously small letters on the tab and included a female silhouette for equality reasons obviously! We like it though, it’s more refined and simple. We also think the silhouettes look better framed in a circle.

iOS 10

iOS 11-contacts-app-icon
iOS 11-contacts-app-icon

iOS 11

This icon reconstruction was kindly donated to us by fellow graphic designer Ryan Vandeput. He too has a graphic design studio called The Vandeput Design Co. You can contact him at ryanvandeput.com/contact Big thanks to Ryan who saved us several hours painstakingly recreating the new Contacts app icon!

Apple has gone all out with iOS 11 making little tweaks to pretty much every app icon, most of which the end user will never notice but perhaps we’ll leave all that for another blog post! Only time will tell as we near to the final build of iOS 11 if any other app icons will be radically re-designed. Stay tuned!

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