Now you might call us sad for watching the Hotel Inspector but in all seriousness, it’s a great programme to watch if you like seeing how businesses can transform themselves will a little bit of help from good design and branding. During an episode we watched last week, we saw Alex Polizzi help to turn around a bed & breakfast in Eastbourne called The Sheldon. As a part of her help, she recommended that the owner gave the business a rebrand to help her attract families as a new core business model. Above is a short clip from the episode, it helps to emphasise just how important it is for small businesses like bed & breakfasts to have a strong brand to help them stand out against bigger companies fighting for the same audience.

It also shows that branding is an important project and deserves proper professional direction and that’s where people like us come in. We help businesses both small and large realise their potential by giving them identities that work for them. So if this video has inspired you to take your business in a new direction, have a chat with us and we can help your business today.

Shout out to designate for the fab corporate identity they created for The Sheldon. We love it! 😍