We (designers) are a tricky bunch when it comes to gifts, we tend to be extremely fussy about the way an item looks, the packaging it comes in even the typeface used by the company (comic sans makes us die a little inside). This makes it really hard to buy a Christmas gift for a designer, but we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of all the awesome gifts we would love to receive this holiday season, from gadgets and beautiful homeware to books and stocking fillers, you’ll be sure to find something for yourself or the designer in your life.

01. Pantone Mugs

Only designers understand how awesome Pantone colours are, we have tried to explain our love for them to non-design friends, only to be met with blank stares and awkward nods. But if you’re buying for a designer this is sure to put a smile on their face, with such a wide range of colours on offer you’re sure to pick one that suits them. Buy this gift

02. OneStep 2 i-Type Camera

Move over vinyl, your revival was so last year! 2017 is all about bringing back the classic Polaroid. There’s something so nostalgic about film cameras, especially instant photos from a Polaroid. Ten years after it made its last film camera Polaroid is back with the OneStep 2 i-Type, based on the original camera the OneStep has been updated with USB charging, an improved battery life and flash. Who wants digital photos any more? Pass me the film. Pre-order this gift (shipping 27 November 2017). Buy this gift

03. Amazon Echo Dot

When you lead a busy lifestyle as a designer, working all hours of the day it can be hard to keep up with daily tasks and sometimes it’s good to have an assistant to help you get everything done. Roll in the Amazon Echo, or should I say ‘Alexa’ your assistant to help make your days simpler. Alexa can help organise your day, with reminders in the morning to make sure you take your camera into work that day, or weather updates so you know when to take that umbrella. Amazon’s range of Echo devices even connect to music streaming services like Spotify and with the built in speakers it also becomes a home hifi but without the extra bulk. Buy this gift

Bot Robot Enamel Pin Badge

04. Brio Merch

With our range ever growing there’s something for every design lover out there. From stocking fillers like our cute little Brio Bot pin badges and range of chic postcards printed on 300gsm uncoated stock to our range of contemporary homeware including original prints available in two sizes and enamel mugs perfect for winter hot chocolates with all the trimmings. All of our products are hand crafted and available in limited numbers so grab them while you can! Buy this gift

05. Know Your Onions

The design industry can be a minefield especially when going it alone. In the early days (and now to be fair) this was one of the books that guided our journey. I think it was often referred to in the studio as the bible, Alex: “how do we do that?” Elliott “I’ll grab the bible”. But seriously if you know a designers breaking into the industry or even a seasoned professional, this book is the perfect gift. Buy this gift

06. Screen Glasses

The modern graphic designer tends to spend hours in front of a screen if they’re anything like us. This often leads to headaches, eye strain, an inability to get to sleep and in the long run, irreversible eye damage. Many of these problems are caused by the blue light known as HEV (High Visible Energy) emitted by modern LED backlit screens. Luckily screen glasses have been invented to save your eyes! Our favourite brand IZIPZI filters 40% of the blue light before it hits your eyes, easing everyday life and adding to your style. Buy this gift

07. Apple TV

When you’ve finished a long day at the studio and just want to sit down and watch your favourite TV series, the best device by far to do this on is Apple TV. The latest model has everything you need to watch your favourite content in glorious 4K! It’s the perfect companion for your TV, it’s not just a streaming platform it can make your TV smart too. Apple TV now has an App Store with 1000’s of applications and even some games too! It’ll soon become the entertainment hub for your home and we love it because it’s made by Apple too! Buy this gift

08. Moleskin Notebook

You can’t go wrong with a moleskin notebook, professional, versatile and hardwearing. They offer the perfect solution to any designer for taking notes, making lists and sketching ideas. For as little as £10 they are a perfect stocking filler. Buy this gift

09. Bose Speaker

No studio is complete without a good set of speakers, hard work can only be achieved with the right music (check out our latest Spotify playlist). In our opinion theres no better speaker brand than Bose for well made, great sounding speakers at an acceptable price. We highly recommend the Soundlink Colour, room filling sound with the added advantage of portability. With an 8 hour battery life it’s sure to last and with a built in microphone conference calls just became that little bit easier. Buy this gift

10. Indoor Plants

When all else fails, indoor plants are the answer! Our studio is full of random plants that we have collected or been given over the years. They bring life into the room and make long winter days just that little bit easier. Indoor plants come in all shapes and sizes from potted plants that will sit on a desk to full blown miniature forests that can be placed in the corner of a room as a statement piece (we’re not sure what the statement is, but who cares). They have also been proven to help maintain focus and increase creativity. Simply the gift that just keeps on giving. Buy this gift