Why the right brand is important for small businesses

Five reasons why the right brand and logo design can help propel your business to new heights and get you noticed over the competition. We discuss the best way to design a brand for small businesses.

10 things every designer can relate to

The creative industry can be a tricky one at times here's 10 of our favourite gifs that sum up a designers life.

Get organised this new year with our top free productivity tools for designers

It’s time to get a resolution that can be kept and will benefit you throughout 2018! Getting organised, for instance, this will not only streamline work flow but will make for an overall happier more productive life. We've pulled together a list of our favourite free tools to boost productivity within your business.


41 weeks 39 gifs (ok so maybe we missed a few weeks). Since the launch of our brand new site, we have brought you a fresh gif every week summarising the events of that week. Take a look at all 39 here!

Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for the designer in your life 2017

We understand that it's hard to buy gifts for people like ourselves (designers) so here's our 2017 Christmas gift guide for designer in your life.


What to Wear as a Designer

Choosing what to wear as a designer can be hard, each day throws up a different set of tasks from meetings and pitches to hours sat in front of a screen as well as manual messy jobs. Wearing a suit every day just isn't appropriate so what are the alternatives?

Hatch Print Sample Pack - Outer

‘It’s the little things that matter’

‘It’s the little things that really make the difference’, we’ve heard it a million times and even said it quite a few times ourselves. But when it comes to business that statement couldn’t be any more truthful, people tend to remember the details and the small things rather than the whole experience.