Brio in the news 29.03.17

After becoming #SBSwinners on 13th March 2017 we were lucky enough to be featured in our local newspaper.

Our studio is based in the town we grew up in (Hinckley), therefore community is really important to us. We work closely with several local businesses and a local charity, it’s really important to us to provide a service to the local community. Most recently we were involved in a project called ‘Rediscover Hinckley’, working closely with the folks over at Hinckley Bid we created vector artwork that exhibited the heritage of the town along with the birth of a new shopping and entertainment complex. The project can be seen in full here

Our local newspaper the Hinckley Times has been in production since 1856 and are based just around the corner from us. They produce a weekly newspaper which is released every Wednesday, we were lucky enough to be featured on Wednesday 29th April. They have followed our story since we started Brio and continue to be a great support.

With the help of the press release, we have raised our profile within the local community and gained great exposure for the business.

We would like to say a special thank you to Karen Hambridge who wrote the piece.

We have lots of exciting projects coming up so hopefully, this won’t be the last time we are in the press so keep your eyes peeled.