We (creatives) are a tricky bunch when it comes to gifts, we tend to be extremely fussy about the way an item looks, the packaging it comes in even the typeface used by the company (comic sans makes us die a little inside). This makes it really hard to buy a Christmas gift for a designer, but we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of all the awesome gifts we would love to receive this holiday season, from gadgets and beautiful homeware to books and stocking fillers, you’ll be sure to find something for yourself or the designer in your life.


Space Cadet Print by Josh Hurley

Designers and space go hand in hand. We’re obsessed with space and completely in love with this print from Josh Hurley. This is the perfect print for any designer to hang in their studio. Printed on 320gsm high quality recycled straw paper in a limited number run of 25 each numbered and signed.




LARQ UV Water Bottle

A water bottle is an essential part of any designers kit bag. But it can’t be any water bottle mind. We get though several litres of water a day in the studio and it just made sense to buy some really good water bottles. We were also fed up of water bottles have that smell horrible and the faff of having to wash them up. The only solution was the LARQ UV bottle, the UV light kills all bacteria in the water and keep the bottle clean and fresh.

From £75



Designer Pin Badges

Designers love a good visual pun, there’s no better way for them to enjoy the joke than to wear it. Pin badges are an old classic, it’s not just the punk kids wearing them any more you know. The cool design kids have taken over! The range from Bristol studio TwoGirlsCo are some of the best we have seen!

From £7



Crispin Finn Wall Planner

When it comes to calendars we do tend to be very digital in the office but that doesn’t stop us using a Crispin Finn wall planner every year. It looks great in the studio and is easy to turn to when planning out projects. Screen printed on 100% recycled biodegradable 120gsm paper its environmentally friendly.




Apple Pencil

This is something you won’t know you need until you use one! Since having an Apple Pencil in the office to use with our iPad Pro, note-taking, photo editing, concept drawings and so much more have all been so much easier. It’s a magical thing to use and the integration with the iPad is so great. We love how you can handwrite notes and the iPad can recognise the words and change to editable text. It’s helped make Photoshop on the iPad usable and we can sit down with clients and wireframe a website and transfer it to screen without any hassle.