We love working in collaboration with other companies, bringing great minds together is only going to create something awesome. Just after New Year, we were contacted by a local company, Elephant Wifi, well known for the implementation of Wifi, GEO Sense and Digital Signage in town centres across the Midlands. We arranged to meet with company director Rod Rayner within a few days.

Rod and his team had been working on some new wayfinder screens for our local town, Hinckley. Within the meeting, he showed us some examples of the screens and their capabilities. They were very impressive, standing over 7ft tall and capable of showing videos and images even in bright sunlight. Rod had approached us as he wanted an advert for the screens that introduced them and sold the screen as an advertising space for local businesses, when not being used by a members of the public. We suggested that a short simple animation would be perfect for what he was after. Within his brief, he mentioned that he wanted the advert to really stand out to draw as much attention as possible.

Returning back to the studio after the meeting we were excited about the prospect of this new project and what it could lead to, ideas were bouncing around in both of our heads. Within a few weeks, we had built up a solid idea which we pitched to Rod for approval, the feedback was positive and we began to bring the idea to life.

This very early story board shows the idea we put forward to Rod. It was important for us to get approval before we began to animate the graphics as it can be a real labour of love.

Another couple of weeks past and we had a first draft for the team at Elephant Wifi to see. We had worked really hard to create something that was modern, fresh and captured a passing audience. Again we received really positive feedback and began to polish the animation, making sure each and every second was filled with visually engaging content.

One of the challenges we faced was creating something that could capture an audience that was constantly on the move, this was made harder without the use of audio or sound effects. We wanted to create something that made people stop and stare, you can view the full animation below.

It was important to us that the advert was very direct, hence the idea ‘your advert could be…’ was born. We hoped this would appeal to everyone from local shopkeepers to some of the chains we have within the town. What follows is a visual explanation of what your advert could be, we wanted the quirky colourful visuals to capture the audience’s attention, allowing their imagination to run wild. Lastly, the video concludes with a question ‘sound good?’, again targeting the audience directly for maximum impact.

Since the first wayfinder animation, we have gone on to create many more, including another for Rod at Elephant Wifi who wanted to promote his business to the town as a way of communicating what they do, which can also be seen below.

The screens were brought into place with the help of Hinckley Bid a group that we work very closely with. We have created adverts both still and animated for their calendar of events across the year.

We were also lucky enough to be given the chance to advertise our own company within the screens. We created a short snappy animation that again directly interacted with the audience using rhetorical questions.

A full showcase of our work can be seen below, even better if you’re local to Hinckley pop down and see the screens and our animations in their full glory.

Within the coming weeks, we will be working with North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College to produce two animations promoting their courses starting in September 2017. Watch this space.

If you are interested in advertising on the Hinckley screens or having some awesome design work produced by us don’t hesitate to get in touch today hello@briomedia.co.uk

Hinckley Wayfinder