‘It’s the little things that really make the difference’, we’ve heard it a million times and even said it quite a few times ourselves. But when it comes to business that statement couldn’t be any more truthful, people tend to remember the details and the small things rather than the whole experience. Of course, this can be a positive and a negative, people can easily pick up on a small detail they love as easily (and some times even more easily) as they can pick up something they don’t like.

With such competition in every field, not just our own, people now demand more. They want to be blown away and impressed no matter what price they’re paying. Companies are going further and further these days to add those small details to ensure customers return or provide positive feedback and recommendations to friends, family, and colleagues. People just aren’t impressed by bog standard anymore hence why the little things matter so much because it’s those details that take something from good to exemplary.

"People just aren’t impressed by bog standard anymore hence why the little things matter so much because it’s those details that take something from good to exemplary."

To us, the little things are what matter whether that be the way we communicate with a client to the way we display concepts and deliver final products. The small details are also what matter to our clients, they understand that to stand out within their market they needed something that is bold and unique whether that be branding, campaign design, promotional materials, publications or web and digital design. We aim to deliver solutions that meet their needs and go the extra mile to include those all important small details.

A Great Example...

Hatch Print

A great example of a company that has gone the extra mile is the recently launched Hatch Print, starting any business is always difficult but the print industry is notoriously competitive. With an incredibly effective marketing campaign running up to their launch in July Hatch Print has made a real splash in the world of print.

We were first made aware of Hatch Print via Instagram where they were running a strong image led campaign. We work closely with a handful of amazing printers but we are always on the hunt for new contacts. It’s incredibly important to us as a design business as these people bring our work to life and are part of the process of adding those very important details. We got in touch with Hatch Print to request a sample pack, most printers provide a sample pack as a given but a lot of the time it’s a few examples in an envelope which is fine but it hardly blows us away.

What arrived from hatch was something totally different, incredibly well thought out and beautifully designed. It stood out to us immediately and we couldn’t wait to open it. We’ll let the images speak for themselves but what a great idea, they produced something that is innovative and fun out of something that can often be a little mundane.

Hatch Print Sample Pack
Hatch Print Sample Pack - Outer
Hatch Print Sample Pack - Postcards
Hatch Print Sample Pack - Showing Inner Details
Hatch Print Sample Pack - Business Cards
Hatch Print Sample Pack - Leaflet
Hatch Print Sample Pack - Business Card

And that’s exactly what we mean by ‘the little things’ Hatch could have so easily just sent out some samples in an envelope but instead, they choose to go the extra mile and produce something that truly stood out from the crowd. We look forward to working with Hatch in the near future. Click here to get your hands on a free sample pack from Hatch Print.

If you would like awesome design that ensures you stand out from the crowd and directly appeals to your market get in touch with us today. We will go the extra mile to deliver a solution that meets your needs.