Last Monday marked the start of every Apple lovers favourite time of the year. It was the annual World Wide Developers Conference, where developers from all over the globe gather to see what’s next in terms of software advancements at Apple. They can also visit workshops and get advice for when they’re creating apps for Apple’s various platforms. Every year we love to follow all of the Apple hype and this year we were particularly interested in how they would upgrade the look and feel of their software platforms and enhance the user interfaces and experiences.

So say hello to iOS 11, not the overhaul we were expecting but we’re going to talk through all the subtle changes which we think makes the design of iOS both relevant and on-trend. Oh, and we’ll talk about all of the features that got us end users super excited for the Autumn launch.

The design

On the face of it, iOS 11 doesn’t look a whole lot different to its predecessor iOS 10. The basics are still with us. The same old home screen, the same app layout and for iPhones the dock hasn’t changed much either. To be honest, why change something that in terms of user experience works so well? Now for our own personal testing purposes, we’ve installed the developer beta on one of our iPad Mini’s and it’s this line of iOS devices that has seen the largest changes. We’re going to talk through design changes that affect both the iPhone and iPad but we’ll also pick out all of the user interface enhancements that are exclusive to iPad. The before and after picture below shows iOS 10 on the left and iOS 11 on the right.

So there we have it, 5 of the biggest design interface changes that iOS 11 brings to iPhone and iPad. It’s not the major overhaul we were expecting but the changes Apple have introduced will certainly help with user experience especially when using iPads. Here at Brio we always love to keep up to date with the latest design trends because it’s what we live and breath. Whenever we design web and digital projects we always do so with the user in mind and just like Apple we try to create design that looks great but functions well too.