If you’re like us and fall into the ‘chronic fidgeter’ category where you can’t stop clicking your pen, playing with elastic bands or get genuinely excited when you find some spare ‘Blu-tack’ to constantly mould between your fingers, then you might rejoice in the fact that there’s a new toy on the block to solve all of this.

Introducing the Fidget Cube, a 6 sided toy with fidgety goodness on every side. We were lucky enough to get hold of an early batch and it does come in handy for those moments where you need to have something in your hands to help you focus. It’s portable and easy to hold, just slip it into your pocket or your bag so it’s there whenever you need it. Makers, Ansty Labs who launched the project on kick-starter made the Fidget cube to help relieve stress and anxiety at work and it certainly does that to an extent of course.

The cube itself has soft and click type buttons, a joy stick, gears, a roller ball, a dial, a switch and a worry stone which is basically a moulded side that you can rest your finger into. It feels very well made which surprised us slightly, the plastic is of good quality and has a matte soft touch finish. It’s also quite robust and feels weighty in our hands. If we had to choose a favourite side, it would have to be a draw between the joy-stick and the switch!

We think the fidget cube is great for fellow designers like us, especially if you need to take out your stress on something! You can pre-order yours here