If you’re a client or friend of the business you will have received one of our previous Christmas cards. Our first Christmas card was a simple vector design of our mascot Brio Bot, we one-upped our selves the year after and hand foiled Brio Bot onto the front of all the cards. This was the start of the obsession of trying something new and different every year. The hand foiling was more of a nightmare than you would have thought and took us ages to perfect.

Last year Brio Bot appeared as pin badge within a snow globe on the front of the card. It’s been great to see people wearing them throughout the year. If you missed out you can still get your hands on a pin badge here. Having set the bar so high last year we knew that we really had to pull something out of the bag for this years card. Discussion started at the end of the summer and many ideas were bounced around the office. From the sublime to the ridicules it crossed our minds within those couple of weeks. Budget was a big factor, ever year our Christmas card list grows. Although we love treating our clients the project needed a sensible budget just so we didn’t run away with our creativity. 

This years idea stated out as a traditional round glass bauble but initial research indicated how high the costs would be along with the problem of sending them out to everyone. Brio Bot is the company mascot and we already knew he had to be included somewhere…so why not have him as the decoration we said to ourselves. And there it was our idea for the 2018 Brio Christmas card. Nothing quite prepared us for the journey it would take us on but heres a quick account of how this years card was made.