A logo isn’t a brand or just an identity of a company. Branding, logo design and identity design all play a different role in defining the image of a company, product or service. Lots of people get these three terms mixed up when talking about corporate design, to be honest we can’t blame you because they are all pretty similar.


A brand is the emotional image that a company or business portrays. It’s like a mantra almost.


An identity is the visual design that helps to communicate brand messages.


A logo is something that identifies a company or business to its customers using a simple mark or symbol or lettering.


Let’s talk about a brand first with a real life example. A Brand is formed by the perceptions of its audience. A brand can’t be designed as such, it can be created with design but that’s only just the start. Most people think a brand is just a logo including its colours, fonts and a strap line. It is however much more complex, it’s often described as ‘corporate image’ and like we said before that doesn’t just include design, it focuses more on the aims and the values of a business as a whole. A brand shows what a company stands for, what it believes in and why they exist in the first place.

Let’s take Jack Wills as an example. Jack Wills is a clothing company that portrays quality and Britishness. Everything they do is formed around the idea that British goods are higher quality and its customers are proud to wear their products because they believe they feel apart of the British heritage. This emotional connection with Britain and its patriotic values creates a perfect brand for them, it’s not just the design of their products or their logo but the overall message.


A visual identity plays a major role in defining a brand or a corporate image of a company (Remember the design bit of a brand we were talking about earlier). Identity design is based on the visual material used within a company or business. It’s usually communicated through a set of guidelines made by a design team. These guidelines help make up an identity and explain how it’s applied through a variety of media using approved colour palettes, fonts, layouts and logo positioning etc. The guidelines ensure that the identity of a company is kept consistent, which as a result makes the brand completely recognisable.

The identity/look of a company is made up of many visual elements including:


The symbol of the entire brand and identity

Products & Packaging

Products that are sold in company packaging

Corporate Stationery

Letterheads, Business Cards, envelopes etc


Tangible clothing items worn by employees or sold to represent the company

Marketing Collateral

Leaflets, brochures, posters, websites, apps


Both interior signage and exterior


A logo is there to help identify a company, product or service. It does this with the use of a mark, symbol or just lettering/typography. A logo doesn’t have to describe a business or its operations for it to make sense. A logo should represent a business is a way that’s recognisable and memorable. It should stand out and be distinguished. Logos hold a lot of prestige, they shouldn’t be changed without good reason as they only work when they become familiar.

Here at Brio Media we are able to offer our clients a range of services from logo design right through to brand creation and identity design. Whether you’re looking at rebranding or launching a new business we’ve got you covered. It’s our mission to create designs that is engaging, innovative and fun. This process can seem a little daunting at times, but we aim to take the stress away from the project and make it as straight forward as possible. We love to get our clients involved in every step of the project from initial ideas right through to the final outcomes. If you want awesome branding lets chat today, hello@briomedia.co.uk