Say hello to our brand new website! It’s the best website we’ve created to date and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love coming back to see what’s new here at Brio HQ. We launched our last website in August 2016 (not long ago we know) but with all of the plans we have for 2017 we needed a new site built from the ground up.


Now you’re probably reading this and thinking ‘well this blog is totally new guys’ and you’d be right, it’s one of the reasons we completely re-built our website. Ta-dah, welcome to the new blog too guys! There’s a separate post about what we’ll be getting up to here on the boyz blog so we won’t go into details about that here but it’ll be just one of the ways you’ll be able to see what we’re all about.

Our new website has been a labour of love. It’s taken months to perfect and we’ve been through so many different page layouts trying to find the best way to display all of the content we want you to see. We hope you would agree that we’ve created the best experience to view all of our work, blog posts, and ways to get in touch. As we know from our time in education, experimentation is always the best way to get to a final outcome right and we didn’t want to rush this project at all.

We’re not stopping here though, now that we’ve got our swanky new site there’s a totally new venture coming to your web browser very soon. So stay tuned to our blog and social media to see what we’re launching next.

It’s exciting times at Brio and we can’t wait to show you what’s next!

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