Our favourite iOS 11 app icon changes so far…

Apple has gone all out with iOS 11 making tweaks to pretty much every app icon, most of which the end user will never notice but they're nice all the same


6 Free tools that make our daily lives as designers easier

Time is precious so it’s important to have a selection of tools that you can turn to to make things run that little bit smoother, here's our 6 favourite free tools.

Audio, Visuals & Lighting at the NWHC Fashion Show

Being ex-students of the college it was a pleasure to return to provide the audio, visuals and lighting for their annual fashion show.

What’s the difference between a brand, an Identity and a logo?

A logo isn’t a brand or an just an identity of a company. Branding, logo design and identity design all play a different role in defining the image of a company, product or service. Lots of people get these three terms mixed up when talking about corporate design, to be honest we can’t blame you because they are all pretty similar.

Hinckley Wayfinder

We sometimes dabble in animation as well

We love working in collaboration with other companies, bringing great minds together is only going to create something awesome.

Apple WWDC and iOS 11 UI Design

Last Monday marked the start of every Apple lovers favourite time of the year. It was the annual World Wide Developers Conference, where developers from all over the globe gather to see what's next in terms of software advancements at Apple.

SeaBrooks Rebrand – Our Thoughts

No lunch time in the studio is complete with out a packet of crisps and we are partial to a packet of SeaBrooks every now and then.

Brio Media in the Hinckley Times 24.05.17

In the news 24.05.17

After launching our store on Friday 5th May 2017 we were lucky enough to be featured in our local newspaper.

Framing Guide

Our prints can be displayed without a frame but to keep them in tip top condition we recommend framing them.

Ikea Trip 07.05.17

Who doesn’t love Ikea? It gives us the same feeling we got as children going into a toy shop (it’s basically a toys R us for adults).