We’re celebrating our 5 year business anniversary and to kick off the celebrations we thought we’d take a look back and where it all began with some of our favourite client projects from the last 5 years. We’ve certainly built up a big portfolio of projects and it was so hard choosing our favourites but here are our top 5!


This project has a special place in our hearts because it was one of the first projects we did. It was also the first time we got to work with a real life client. For us ‘Spectrum’ marks the start of all of this happening! It was a great creative project that lead to us gaining work experience within North Warwickshire & Hinckley College’s marketing department. We loved coming up with everything from the name to the colour scheme, typography as well as all of the tickets, event programme and the animated keynote slides for the fashion show too. We’re now lucky enough to be invited back every year to help produce the college’s annual fashion show which includes creating the animated visuals and providing lighting and sound. 

Hinckley BID’s Soap Box Derby

Hinckley BID is a great client to have. They’re always looking for creative ideas to engage with the towns residents and beyond to help local businesses flourish. We started our time working with Hinckley BID at the start of 2015 and one of the first projects we were briefed on was the annual Soap Box Derby. It’s safe to say our artwork has come along way since the first but now it has become one of our favourite yearly projects as it has so many elements to it. Whether it’s the developing and designing the online entry system or the posters, leaflets and digital screen animations it is a project that has it all and over the years it’s helped make the event recognisable to those in the town as well as much further a field. 

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National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure Branding

We loved working on this big rebrand for the National College for High Speed Rail. It was one of our biggest rebranding projects to date and it was super creative. It was a massive task and involved refreshing all marketing materials as well as creating new brand guidelines. It was a pleasure working with the marketing team creating concepts and the new identity. We think the new look and logo turned out great and it marks a fresh new start for the college’s future. We can’t wait to see the branding continue to be rolled out across their campuses. 

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Keepthebeat Branding

We met with Adam and Annita both founders of this amazing charity back in 2015. They were looking for help to raise more awareness about congenital heart disease in children. The charity was initially looking for a brand new website so that they could become an information point for parents who were looking for help. Over the coming year this quickly turned into a rebranding exercise where we produced a new refreshed logo and colour palette along with a new website and characters that made the charity friendly for both parents and children. Since then we’ve gone on to design campaigns for their various yearly events such as the Santa Ride, Run, Ramble as well as creating new merchandise they can sell and give away to help raise awareness. 

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North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College

Our time working with North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College was definitely memorable. We worked with some great people over the years and we’re lucky enough to still be in touch with most of them today. It’s so hard picking just one project we worked on for the college because we did it all. You name it, we did it! Whether it was campaigns like’ Dream, Believe, Achieve’ or ‘More than just an apprenticeship’, we loved creating the annual full-time guides, the graphics for the awards ceremonies and the open events it really taught us a lot. We’re not sure we’d be the business we are today without that opportunity and we have to thank everyone in the marketing team that gave us that chance. You were the best! 

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