So… you’re here to find out how this years card went from being a crazy idea to actual reality! It’s been one hell of a journey that started back in June. We’ve created some amazing Christmas cards over the past 5 years and it’s becoming more and more of a challenge every year to create something better than the last. 

Having spent three months in lockdown behind laptop screens working digitally we wanted to turn our hands to something more analogue. The Brio studio is based in a former screen printing factory so it seemed fitting that years card was screen printed in-house. So with that we set about purchasing everything we needed to start experimenting with the technique. We’ll go into more detail in our next blog post in the series. 

But as always we don’t stop at just creating a Christmas card! We like to add a twist to showcase our creativity which is at the heart of every project we produce. Working with Lego is always something we’ve dreamt about but never thought would be possible! Given the chance to work with creating something out of Lego bricks we thought it was only right that our mascot Brio Bot became Lego Bot. Find out how we turned our robot mascot into a 3D Lego model later on in this blog series. 

This is a 3 part blog special so head back to our website to follow our Project X journey.

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