In this post we’ll talk about how we went from our crazy dream of building Brio Bot out of Lego to actually making it all a reality for this year’s Christmas card project. As we mentioned in part one we always like to add a twist to our annual Christmas cards something that helps to showcase our creativity. In previous years we have produced decorations for Christmas trees, Pin badges to add some Brio swag to your bag and last year we celebrated our 5 year business anniversary with a commemorative coin. 

It gets trickier every year to better last years idea but nothing is quite like making our robot mascot Brio Bot out of Lego bricks. We always start thinking about Project X in early Summer and this year was no different. One day in June we were brain storming how we could make this years Christmas card great and we wanted to add some fun to this years proceedings after the awful year we’ve all had. 

We knew we wanted to include our robot mascot with this years card and after some questionable Google searches  we approached the topic of somehow attaching a robot Lego Mini figure onto the card. However, why stop at that when we could create a Brio Bot Lego set! It wasn’t too long before we were designing our Lego set using Lego’s digital design software and actually making Lego Brio Bot a reality. 

Once we’d finalised the full Brio Bot Lego set we were able to make our order with Lego and they picked and sent all the bricks over to us. The instructions were designed in-house with help from the Lego Digital Design software and all of the finished boxes were packed by hand. 

It has always been a dream of ours to create a very own Lego set and we super happy with how everything turned out. We’re not stopping here though, who knows what we might create in the future so watch this space…