You know I’ve always dreaded this question! In interviews, throughout school and college I’ve always tried my upmost to dodge answering it but here it goes…

Hi, I’m Alex, I’m 23, I live in a rural town in Leicestershire and of course I’m the co-founder of Brio Media along with Elliott, my business partner (you can check him out here) I have a passion for all things design and creative, I love new tech and I’m an avid worshipper of all things Apple.

I’ve always been a creative person, even when I was little I loved playing with Lego, making my dream models and displaying them pride of place on the living room rug in my family home. Throughout school, I longed for lessons which meant I got to create something, whether that be with those interlocking cubes in Maths (does anyone remember those?) or building working circuits in Science. Some would say I was a geek and I would have to agree with you. But hey it’s led me to where I am today so I’m pretty pleased if I’m honest.

It could also be said that I always wanted my own business. Way back in high school, I loved to pretend I had my own tech company, which slowly developed into a real software company later on and finally into a Graphic Design company just before leaving sixth form. Those of you that knew me back then would remember Aero! But today I can really sit here and say that my younger life has got me to where I want to be and I’m really grateful to everyone that’s helped me get here along the way.

I’ll always remember when Elliott and myself sat in our college contextual studies tutorial in 2014 brainstorming ideas for potential business names when we really should have been writing our dissertations. But nonetheless, Brio was born and our dissertations were all good anyway!

So I hope that gives you a taste of what I’m all about and my creative journey so far. Our business journey has just started and I for certain can’t wait for what the future brings. If you’re up for joining this crazy ride with us keep coming back to our blog and we’ll share our creative lives with you!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I still love Lego today!