Branding & Web Design

Modernising Recruitment in Daventry

CRC Recruitment

Established since 2003, CRC Recruitment Ltd. is an independent business offering targeted and effective recruitment solutions to its clients. Before approaching us, CRC had an old and tired website that didn’t fit the modern web standards of today and it wasn’t accessible or responsive for mobile and tablet devices. They also had a logo and branding that wasn’t suitable for social media and other digital job platforms. We were asked to give CRC a brand new look and website that kept them distinctive against their competition. We provided them with a solution that is perfect for their needs. The website is also linked with their in-house job database and is automatically updated when new jobs are added. 

CRC Recruitment Logo
CRC Recruitment Logo on perspex sign
CRC Recruitment shop signage
A computer showing the CRC Recruitment Website
Screenshots of CRC Recruitment Website