NWSLC – It’s all about you

North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College is based in the Midlands and in June 2018 it needed a campaign message that focused in on students that were looking for last minute courses before September. ‘It’s all about you’ encompasses a mission statement that if you come to NWSLC nothing else matters but the student their choices, their progression, and their achievement. The campaign design was created with a flowing line element that when animated showed a journey or progression and ultimately putting the student in the frame. Several mediums were used throughout the campaign including outdoor media such as bus stand adverts and billboards as well as digital and online elements including a big social media focus highlighting the various skills of students that were interested in specific careers.

ClientNorth Warwickshire and South Leicestershire CollegeServicesCampaign Design, Print, DigitalYear2018

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